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Fonts will still appear the same in Scribus. To add some extra font directories, first create the directories and put the fonts in them.


For now, I suggest using names like. I have, for example,. Copy fonts into the directories as appropriate. To tell fontconfig how to find the directories, all you need to do is add them to the fontconfig config file, usually. This file probably does not yet exist. If it does not exixt, create it with the following contents:.

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Jump to: Click on the Add Most other applications on an even remotely modern Linux desktop will also use fontconfig to find fonts, though some major apps still may not especially vanilla, rather than distro-customised, builds: If it does not exixt, create it with the following contents: Once you've saved the fontconfig config file, run fc-cache and you're done. Retrieved from " https: Installation Fonts EN Tips. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion.

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Do your brand guidelines already have a preferred font? Use different fonts sparingly and intentionally.

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This can be done by using one consistent font for headers and another for body. These pairings can add a uniqueness to your design and have beautiful results. Tweaking the line-height, font sizes, and color can have a huge impact on visual design. We recommend setting the body text size within the px range; 14px text works well for text-heavy emails, while 16px is better suited for shorter ones sentences. There are semantics and best practices behind using italics, bold, and underlining.

On the web and in emails, underlining is often used for links, not emphasis. If you need to add emphasis to a section, experiment with background colors or lowering the visual priority of other sections.

Installing additional fonts

Adjusting font sizes or colors is a common way to do so. Our Inbox Preview testing tool can help, too, of course.

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