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Linux, Mac and Windows commonly referred to as "PC". Keep in mind that there are many other operating systems, but I will not be reviewing them because of their very small market share.

Goodbye Apple, goodbye Microsoft... hello Linux

It's in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, as well as home computers. Windows, having been introduced in , is a very mature and complete piece of software. Yet, it has it's flaws Apple's Macintosh OS is even older than Windows.

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It is the first ever successful graphical-based operating system, being released one year before it's Microsoft counterpart. By free, you can download, modify and redistribute it without spending a dime! Linux is a younger player in the OS world, having been written in , and is optimized for modern use well, more than Windows and Mac. Unfortunately, it has some disadvantages also In conclusion, no operating system is really better, the choice is up to you. If you're a gamer, then you have no choice, go for Windows.

7 Reasons Why Linux is Better Than Mac

Note that the other device has no option to decline the transfer. The files will be just transferred to the other device.

This is what I found spooky with NitroShare. You can view the history of transfers in View Transfers option:.

Easily Share Files Between Linux, Windows And Mac OS X

After see this if you think that NitroShare should be available for mobile devices as well, you are not alone. Unfortunately, NitroShare is not available for mobile devices. But as an alternate, you can use Pushbullet to wireless transfer files between Ubuntu and Android or iOS.

I am using Square icon theme in Ubuntu Did you try using NitroShare? How do you find it? Do you use any other way to transfer files between Linux and Windows? Do share your experience with rest of us. Like what you read?

Install NitroShare

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