Mcculloch pro mac 610 replacement chain manual

If you have spark, repair the kill wire. If you do not have spark I recommend replacing the module. The coil has to be having a good connection to the engine block. This is important for the module to generate the spark. By everything you done so far, I suspect the problem is a defective module.

I know it seems unlikely but the checks done point to the module. We are missing something somewhere. Try to set the air gap at. While tightening the screws, make sure the module does not turn away from the flywheel. Then check for spark with out the spark plug. To do this, insert a screwdriver where the spark plug would go. While holding the screwdriver in this position, turn the engine over. You should see a spark jump from the shank to the block. If you get spark the plug is causing the problem. Please let me know what you find. Learn More. All parts are manufacturer-approved, to ensure proper fit and to keep appliances running for years to come.

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How to sharpen the chain of your chainsaw

Carburetor Assembly. Check Valve. Troubleshooting Leaking gas Won't start Runs rough. Most viewed guides See all guides. Question and Answers Q:. Pro Mac Mcculloch chain saw , Model Thank you for sending the model number for you McCulloch chain saw. Seems to work fine, but presume it won't be as robust.

Anyway, after using it briefly it seemed to be the case that the blade wasn't being oiled. I used the pump at the rear a few times but couldn't really see anything happening from doing so. After I left the saw earlier though, I just went and picked it up, to find a big pool of sticky oil under it. So I guess there's a leak somewhere, and possibly this is causes the oil not to reach the blade if this is a diaphragm system or suchlike. Any likely parts that would cause what I'm describing? Re' the spring I was describing, it's shown here part 9: It's positioned as marked in this diagram but doesn't really seem to serve a purpose, having rotated it around in various spots and tried to position the ends against things.

I'm puzzled, but obviously missing something staring me in the face! Another part I don't quite 'get' is part number It pivots around its pin but again, doesn't seem to serve any purpose. When the brake is back, this latch moves over the peg part 5 , but in no way holds it or adds any tension or anything.

McCulloch Pro-Mac 610 Chainsaw - Cold Start

Probably dumb questions I'm afraid. As an afterthought, what sort of size bar would be the recommended sensible limit for this kind of saw? I could do with a bit more reach down into the transom of my boat to excavate the plywood, so a longer bar would be desirable really, but wouldn't want to fit anything bigger than will work well with it. Is there a certain 'kind' of bar that I need to get to make sure it fits this particular saw? Again - I hope you'll excuse my ignorance.

Just in the last day I've learned a fair bit thanks to the replies here, and already know the parts that make it up since I've already had it stripped right down, but am not familiar with all the options and varieties of chainsaw stuff in general. Cheers Jim. This is the oil pump assembly by the way.

If there's a part on here that's a common cause of these sort of problems it'd be handy to have a pointer: Check the filter in the oil tank, if you haven't.

I guess if it was blocked then it wouldn't feed through but there's also the issue of loads of oil pooling under the saw of course too. That said as long as the engine is running the oiler will be pumping oil. So if it sits in one place running it will dump oil on the ground. You outta see how much oil a can pump on the ground. Looks like the wreck of the Exxon Valdez If it's oiling via the manual pump it's obviously getting oil to the pump assembley. That would be part number I think part number 12 is a check valve.

You could take it apart and see. As I said though I had no luck at all. I did however find a guy that had pumps on flea bay for 10 bucks a piece. They normally want for a new one. Take the bar off that thing and fire it up. If it's getting oil out the discharge you probabley have the oil hole plugged on the bar or maybe even the wrong bar. Usually if a pump goes bad like the diaphragm it will suck oil into the crankcase and smoke like it's burning pine knots. Bar size. They came with either a 16 or a They'll run a 24 but they don't like it. I guess they used them with 24's on the left coast in soft woods.

It makes em grunt in the hardwoods. While I'm babbling I'll tell a little story. When these things or rather the PM came on the market they were sold for around bucks. A stihl was around After a while on sale they sold for K-Mart, Wall -Mart. Sears and Monkey Wards sold them too for a higher price of course. The one drawback is the things are heavey as a cc saw.

Then again remember the time period. These things followed the Mac 's and Homelite C5's so they didn't seem heavy. The chain brake spring holds the catch in place over the pin until you release it with the brake handle. At that time full spring pressure is applied to the brake band. I can't find the picture I had so the best I can do is take another when I get time. With a picture it's pretty easy to figure out.

Mcculloch model PRO MAC MODEL chainsaw genuine parts

Brilliant info on all counts, thankyou! That all helps a lot. I ordered a 20" bar for it Oregon SLHD so I can get more reach down into my boat transom - need to get a chain to match. Local place only has 72 drive ones in the right fitment and I think this needs a 70 link one. Could you possibly point me to the exact point where the chain oil 'should' emerge, to pass into the bar? I can at least then check hopefully if the manual pump works, even if I can't try running it up tonight. Will be nice to get this thing working really nicely.

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I don't mind the weight etc, and it's built to take a beating! Right near the top of the bar studs there's a cavity with a hole in it. Squirt the manual oiler and watch where it comes out. Say now if I can remember how to do it I did find the pics. It took going through 3 computers to find them. Here's a couple more. The saw it came from one of the most pristene unrestored PM 's I 've ever seen in my life which I snagged off flea bay with a bad coil for little of nothing. My son has it. Share Topic. Similar Topics.

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